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Who can join?

Food makers, organic food suppliers, handicraft manufacturers who join are small, independent food producers with high standard of craftsmanship, using only the best ingredients.

How do I join?

Joining is FREE ,we do not charge for set up, listing and maintenance. Click here and register.

How it works?

Once registered, our office will contact you for further details, after we are satisfied with the quality of the product and required criteria;

We will send you the link to set up your store and list your product for free
Shoppers discover and buy your product, we process the payment and charge nominal processing fee
You will ship the product to the customer

What can I sell?

All specialty and authentic food items produced fresh, using best ingredients, handicrafts, khadi garments, etc.

How delivery is done?

Food makers receive the orders information through and Products are shipped  directly by the food makers, this ensures the freshest quality of the products.

How do I get paid?

Payment is on fortnightly basis (subject to change).