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Gencocus Virgin Coconut Oil


Weight : 100 ML
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GENCOCUS Virgin COconut Oil - "The Mother of all Oils"
Having quality similar to mother's milk, it has about 50% lauric acids, thus confirming its disease-fighting ability.
Virgin coconut oil is the purest coconut oil, extracted from
• Freshly shredded and first pressed coconut meat of mature coconuts.
• It is non bleached and does not undergo any deodorizing process and
• It doesn’t possess any odor.
Nutritional Values Of Virgin Coconut Oil
• Virgin Coconut oil is the healthiest oil
• Easy digestibility and absorbable
• Contains Vitamin E, Is Anti-microbial and anti-viral
• Does not contain cholesterol and Reduces fat accumulation in body
• Easily oxidized and therefore a preferred energy source
• Requires no transport system to absorb, digest and metabolize
• Rich content of lauric acid, the source of disease fighting
• Helps build stronger immune system
• It is proved to be Thyroid-stimulating, Lowers cholesterol, Helps with weight loss
• Helps keep diabetes in check and Reduces heart disease
• Nourishing for the brain and speeds recovery

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Medicinal Properties and Mode of usage.
• Dandruff , Hair Fall, Head lice , Dark Circle, Allergy , Itching, Nail Bed Infection,
Skin diseases, Cracked heels, Burn wounds, Stretch Mar, cracking of nipples
during lactation , Body Massage to improve the complexion of the skin, Use to
infant massage.
• In case of mouth Ulcer :- Mouth gargling should be done with this oil.
• In the case of bleeding gums 5 ml of this oil should be mixed with pinch of backing
powder and applied

 By consuming 2 table spoon of Virgin coconut oil with breakfast; preferably empty stomach
One can improve his general body strength as well as body resistance from common diseases.
 In anemia, 2 table spoon of Virgin coconut oil should be consumed in empty stomach then after 5 minutes one glass of Luke warm water should be consumed . By This Hb% can be improved

  •  In case of piles or Fisture 2 tea spoon of this oil should be consumed in morning empty stomach and night after dinner. For local application a piece of cotton swab should be dipped in this oil and kept in anal region

Constipation in infants can be cured by administering 2 to 3 drops of this oil