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Porridge, Delight Medley Pro, 200g (pack Of Two)


Weight : 400 Grams
Delivery Charges : 40/-
Delight Medley PRO is assortment of chosen grains with the goodness of Amla and Methi. Pulses are extremely healthy due to their high protein and amino acid content. Cereals belong to the complex carbohydrates food group that provides ample energy. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, Methi is rich in fibre. Aids diabetics in controlling their blood sugar levels.

Diet Porridge with no preservatives, no added sugar or salt
Contains all Low GI ingredients which promotes healthy sugar levels
Rich source of protein with complex carbs reduces cholesterol level in the body
Gives sustained release of energy and manages appetite for a longer duration of  time
deal for Elderly people and suitable for Diabetes as well as Obese. For better results, consume as porridge with buttermilk and salt
Preferred to consume during breakfast time or early evenings

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Products Details

Ingredients : Barley, Pearl millet (bajra), Finger millet (ragi), Chick peas (channa) , Green gram (moong), Cowpea (lobia), Soya bean, Fenugreek (methi) and Gooseberry powder (amla)

Direction of Use:
Step 1: Add 3 teaspoons of Delight Medley PRO with 200ml of water. Step 2: Mix throughly without any lumps until it gets dissolved. Step 3: Cook the mix for 3 minutes, until it gets thick. Step 4: Ammae Delight Medley PRO porridge is ready. This can be served with buttermilk and salt as per taste or can also be consumed by adding Rasam.