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Sweetee Palmyra Jaggery 500g


Weight : 500 Grams
Delivery Charges : 52/-
- Sweetee - Palmyra Plam Jaggery is made by boiling the fresh sweet sap of palmyra palms
- Color: light - dark brown
- Texture: Crystalling powder
- Aroma:  strong earthly aroma
- Taste: Chocolate caramel
About: Sweetee is produced by PPRPF a farmers foundation engaged in i) Long term PLant Sc Research ii) Farmers Welfare. The Sugar Palm project is based at Erode, TN and aims to establish Sugar Palms as alternate sustainable, superior sources of sugar.

With people becoming more aware & moving back to their healthier roots. It is slowly but surely making its way back as healthy sweetener, 'diabetic friendly' healthy sugar alternative.

Confusion "Palm Jaggery" or "Palm Sugar"?
The term jaggery is common with in India - but abroad the proper english reference is brown sugar/ molasses. The jaggery thus derived from Sugar Palms is referred as Palm Sugar in the international market ( Global Trade Name: Palm Sugar ). It is available as: crystalline solid powder, solid cake, syrup.

Quality/ Purity:
- These products are completely Traceable, Fair traded and 100% pure ( free from additives, chemicals with lab supported results )
- Lab analysis - conforming safety as per EU/ US-FDA norms
- Offer detailed nutri-profile
- These products pass 'carbon isotope ratio analysis' (d13C) - the highest level of technical test, conforming to 100% palm source with no adulteration. 
- Currently the Palm Jaggery industry is reeling under adulteration by commercial interests using white sugar, sugarcane jaggery, other adulterants to gain weight and earn quick money at cost of public health!!

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Products Details

Palmyra Palm Jaggery ( Global Trade name: Palm Sugar )
- Has Low Glycemic index i.e. the sugar is absorbed less and slower in the intestine - thus preventing spike in blood sugar levels, which happens in high consumption of white sugar and is the leading cause of life style diseases like Type-II diabetes.
- Diabetics also consume it in mild quantities and it is traditionally considered diabetic friendly sugar alternative ( those with very high sugar levels need to monitor sugar levels and consume accordingly in consultation with doctor )
- Free of any additives, chemicals, colors etc
- Has high load of vitamins ( B-Cplx, B12), minerals ( Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium etc etc )
- Has medicinal properties and used as ingredient/ base in 'Siddha' / 'Ayurveda' medicines and many house-hold remedies
- Has Great taste/ aroma and enhances taste of coffee
- Only plant source of vitamin B12
- Owing to nutritional & medicinal properties/ benefits it qualifies as a 'Nutraceutical'
- Good for growing children, expecting/ lactating mothers and consumed by people of all age groups
- Its is a traditional grocery item in states TN, KL, KA, some districts of AP
- No known side-effects
- Environmentally it is eco-friendly, sustainable, carbon fixing ( climate change crop) and uses just 1/5th resources required by sugarcane
- Sugarcane has negative carbon rights and consumes huge volumes of water - a precious resource we can't afford to waste in current scenario esp in top sugarcane producing states ( TN, KA, MH) where there is already a scarcity of water. The sugar palms can easily cross over 5yrs of drought and need little/ no care
- In the current native form the Sugar Palm produces 5-9times the amount of raw sugar as compared to cultivated sugarcane per hectare. This has vast potential of being enhanced several fold in terms of yield!!

- Used as healthy alternative to white sugar. 
- Used in: baking, cooking, beverages etc. Ex: tea/ coffee, curd, milk, ice-creams, cakes, traditional delicacies etc etc