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Supra's I-booster Sports


Weight : 400 Grams
Delivery Charges : 40/-
Supra's I-Booster Sports from Supra Life Sciences. 100% Natural, Fully Cooked Ready to Eat.
No preservatives, No added Flavours, No added Colors.
Vitamins and minerals play an important role in sports person’s life. I-Booster Sports bridges the gap between supply and demand of vitamins and minerals through its unique formula of whole grains and dry fruits. Vitamin C & E present in I-Booster Sports acts as an antioxidant and provide protective effect against exercise induced oxidative injury. Minerals play a critical role in sports performance. Calcium deficiency reduces the performance levels. Ragi present in I-Booster sports contains high amount of iron and calcium which assists in enhancing the performance. Nitrates present in I – Booster Sports enhances the oxidative process through which an athlete’s endurance and the performance is enhanced.

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Ingredients: Ragi, Cereals, Pulses and Dry fruits.
Directions to use: Mix with warm water or milk and consume.